About us

‘Mary’s Child’ is a charity that was created to love, care and support families and individuals in need, by providing practical support, pastoral care and signposting to other charities and agencies as needed.

Founded by Rev Carol Avery, originally based on seeing a need in the areas around Greenhithe, Stone and Dartford, and now also supporting families in Peterborough, this Charity enables us to develop further the work of supporting families in a variety of ways. We are regularly responding to requests from the community, community organisations and agencies, as well as individuals, to provide practical support to families in need.

In Kent the churches of St Mary Greenhithe,  St Mary Stone, St Albans and St Edmunds in Dartford  continue to provide food to those in need, through their ‘Parish Pantries’, and  also provide  on-going pastoral care and support.  Storage, for the collection, sorting and distribution of much needed household items, is provided through the generosity of the ASDA Foundation.

In Peterborough, through the C of E churches  of Stanground and Farcet,  the work of the charity began in March 2020 as we responded to the needs of the local community during the Covid-19 Pandemic, responding to referrals from Peterborough City Council and via our communities and churches.  At the moment we are focused on providing food and toiletries via  our ‘Parish Pantries’ as well as ‘kindness bags’, a listening ear and liaison with other charities and organisation who can help in other ways.

In both locations we are able to offer legal advice and advocacy on housing and benefits on occasion.

We are committed to working in partnerships with others to improve the lives of those who find themselves in difficulty.

‘Mary’s Child’ offers God’s light, love and hope to those in need.

Can you help?

If you are able to assist with donations of new or used furniture, clothing, toys or household appliances, please contact us. If you are available to assist with transporting goods within the Greenhithe, Stone or Dartford areas, or to assist with sorting, repairing or cleaning donated goods, your help will be most welcome.

In Peterborough we welcome donations of food and toiletries at this time.